Ranch has shaped the lives of many from an early age into their adult life — You dunk your bar snacks in it, it makes chicken nuggets a staple meal for decades, it tastes great with those buffalo wings, and of course — it’s your go-to salad dressing for you beautiful wedge salad.

Gnarly Gnaked Truth:
• 1 TBS of Ranch has 73 Calories
• 1 TBS Gnalry Pepper Ranch has only 18 Calories!!

Now we understand if you dabble here and there its not that big of deal, but if you’re dipping, dunking, devouring night after night or binging on the weekends– and can AND WILL catch up to you! Stick with the healthier alternative and enjoy! FREE YOUR GUILT!

Yield: 2-3 Salads

• 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt
• 1/4 cup unsweetened almond silk (we used Vanilla 30cal)
• 1 tsp of Gnarly Pepper Onion Dip
• 1 tsp of Gnarly Pepper Veggie Dip
• 1 tsp of Gnarly Pepper Like Mayo

1. Combine all ingredients in a shaker and shake! — if you let it sit in your fridge, be sure to re-shake before use.

Don’t have a shaker? Whisk the ingredients together in a medium bowl!

NOTE: PLEASE use and adjust recipe as you see fit! The best thing of Gnarly Pepper is that you’re not limited to one particular flavor. Add more or less if you prefer! A blender ball works better than a ‘screen’ mixer like in the video.