My mummy probably wouldn’t give me an A+ on my work here. But, my mummy sure would have liked this calzone!

At Gnarly Pepper, we took a recipe found online and spruced it up with our Onion Dip Blend paired with Plain Greek yogurt!

1. More olives (like, as many as you want — use a whole olive for the eyes… no need to spare olives..)
2. Replaced the green pepper for banana peppers (inside and around the olive eye don don don)
3. Made 3/4 cup of Plain Greek yogurt with Gnarly Pepper Onion Dip Blend / (Or 1 Onion Tear Packet with 5.3oz cup)
• 1/2 cup with pizza sauce
• 1/4 cup for the eyes (any extra, use for dipping!)

4. 49 Pepperonis (but whose really counting…)

Check out this link for the full recipe: HERE
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