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Buying various condiments and dips can really add up at the store. Gnarly Pepper’s pouches offer 85-95 teaspoon uses per pouch.  That is 85-95 1/4 cups of non-fat plain greek yogurt OR 20-22 cups of yogurt!  No more extra condiments in your fridge and no more wasting product because it has expired. Jump on this money saving health train and get jammin’!
Save Money

Healthier Choice

You may never mean to indulge in your favorite condiment or dip, but it certainly can happen.  Don’t stress yourself out by being healthy and having to give up your favorite food items! Compromise with the healthier option, Gnarly Pepper blends! Check out the comparison chart below, to see the difference!
Healthier Choice


Ever wonder if you have a condiment at home, buy that certain condiment anyway, go home – and find out that you now have two? What about knowing you have a dip at home, leave the store, take the dip out and find out it’s expired? These are real issues and the stress of grocery shopping needs to be lifted! With long-lasting Gnarly Pepper blends sitting in your cupboard safely at home, all you need to grab at the store is your non-fat plain greek yogurt.

Greek Yogurt - vs - Other Popular Bases



In the chart above, each row is an average calculation rounded to the nearest tenth in that specific ‘base type’ category.

Visual Calorie % Comparison per 1 Cup

  • Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt
  • Sour Cream
  • Cream Cheese
  • Mayonnaise

I am constantly watching my weight and skipping out on the condiments I love, especially mayonnaise. After discovering Gnarly Peppers 'Like Mayo' Blend I kick the craving I need, my sandwiches taste better and I'm getting a blast of protein as well! I couldn't be happier with this product!

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