Add a nice spread of Veggie Dip to your egg breakfast wrap, or maybe its super…

Yield: Individual

• 1 tear packet of Veggie Dip
• 1 5.3oz cup of plain Greek yogurt
• 1 spinach tortilla wrap
• 1 egg
• chopped red onion
• real bacon bits
• shredded cheddar cheese

Stove top pan medium-high heat with a dash of olive oil, sauté red onion for a little bit and crack your egg in and scramble.

While its cooking mix the Veggie Tear Packet with the plain Greek yogurt — we recommend that you start with majority of the packet and add in more if you prefer.

Sprinkle cheese and bacon bits on egg, give it one big scramble.

Spread the Veggie dip all over your tortilla, add your egg scramble and WRAP IT UP!

NOTE: Use any cheese, veggies etc for your scramble…DUH!