Big Batch — Mix a larger batch for a party, buffalo chicken wraps, snacking & more!


• 3 -5oz Cans of Chicken (Shred with forks)
• 3 – 5.3oz cups of Plain Greek Yogurt (or 16 oz – about half- of a 32oz container)
• 2 TBS of Red Hot Sauce (add more or less, your call! Also, use Red Hot WING sauce if you prefer)
• 1 Onion Dip Tear Packet*  (or 1 TBS of Pouch)
• 1 Veggie Dip Tear Packet*  (or 1 TBS of Pouch)
• 1 Like Mayo Tear Packet*  (or 1 TBS of Pouch)
• Celery or Chips
• Blue cheese crumbles (top with if you want!)


In a large bowl shredded chicken + Greek Yogurt + Gnarly Pepper blends + Red Hot Mix. Serve Cold. Top with blue cheese crumbles and serve with celery or chips!  Enjoy!


Recipe is also great for wraps and sandwiches! If you find the culinary art within you you can even use it as a spread on pita bread, popped in the toaster oven! So many tasty things! Make a big batch and keep in fridge up to 4 days (because of Chicken) — Mix Big batch without Chicken — keeps as long as Greek Yogurt Expiration! Enjoy!!