The weather was nice, the nerves were high.  Gnarly Pepper presented at the Final Top 5 Presentation hosted by SCGO at CRAVE Wednesday March 8th, 2017.   Many had mentioned the original submission numbers were down, but the quality of the ideas were top-notch. With the ideas being grand, the voting came in, it was close, and the top winners were announced.  Full Sioux City Journal article here.

I, Sara, founder of Gnarly Pepper was very nervous the night of the event.  The thrills of winning come at a cost when you know everyone presenting has great ideas.  When I presented, I wanted to be sure that if I didn’t pull through with the much needed $5,000 — I wanted people to walk away from the evening believing in themselves and never experience the ‘what if’ on an idea that they may be too afraid to try.  I appointed that feeling with ‘listen to your heart.’ Which I have been doing for over a year.  It wasn’t easy quitting a full time job, but I certainly have not regretted it.  The stakes were high for I am not reinventing the wheel, I simply am giving others the idea and versatility of a healthier base option.  I am so please by the support and understanding of Gnarly Peppers potential.

Being gifted an amount of that size opens the doors to many things that would normally be held back in fear — and fear is the biggest thing to overcome when running a start-up, you just have to try!  Many thanks to those who voted, supported and understand.  I am in this for the long-haul and enjoying every minute of this entrepreneurial journey.  There is so much more to come from Gnarly Pepper and this gift is the ‘push’ on the ‘start’ button.

Dip on your Gnarly Diamonds! Cheers! x

Full Sioux City Growth Organization Blog post of Innovation Market!