From New Hampshire to California, I can always call the Midwest home. Throughout this past year, I have had some great success for Gnarly Pepper — the greatest; reinvesting in the company with the tear packets! Extending our reach from coast-to-coast has secured our sales and allows us to tap into different markets. Beings that Gnarly Pepper is a traveling business — many people often ask ‘is the product local?’ — And though the three blends we currently have (Veggie, Onion & Like Mayo) were created in North Sioux City, SD — their local nature is wherever Zach and I are able to call home.  The next flavor may be created in California, Tennessee or Montana! Who knows!?

Even though there is no ONE true base yet — I’m very pleased of the response and excitement that Siouxland has on the progress of Gnarly Pepper.  Being a Siouxland Chamber member and a Sioux City Growth Organization member while on the road continues to have its benefits of staying in the loop and grasping opportunities within the area of where it all started 🙂

Starting out in a new area can be nerve wracking. When owning your own business, you certainly can’t limit yourself on making contacts, reaching out to others and asking questions.  While googling ‘young professionals’ in Santa Clara, a few things that interested me immediately were, What UP Silicon Valley & Silicon Valley young professionals. After clicking through, I found out that there was a Pitch Event coming up and I thought ‘how can I be in thisssssssssss’? — A few emails went out, with no immediate reply — but in the meantime I had met with a Santa Clara, CA Chamber Employee that so kindly invited me to a Women in Business event the following week.

Attending the Women in Business event, I was put in touch with such kind people that responded to Gnarly Pepper very well and had specifically told me about the Pitch event and that I should apply!  A few weeks later, I made it to a social downtown San Jose, CA and met a few others behind What UP Silicon Valley.  After submitting and the nail biting and the constant ‘Omg Omg OMG Zach I hope I get INNNNNN’ I received an email of Congratulations! You will be Pitching in the PITCH TANK 3.0!

With PITCH TANK 3.0 — there are no guarantees, or any true winner.  The crowd and judges however may bring in some investors, connections and opportunities! I couldn’t be more thrilled to spread Gnarly Pepper to the people of Silicon Valley and I pray someone that evening, see’s the BIG IDEA of what Gnarly Pepper can become.

I’m pumped to my core! Game Time! Cheers! xx

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