Once again, a good ‘ol email led to an amazing opportunity! Justin Honaman of Contender Brands &  Contendercast shines light on bright ideas — and Gnarly Pepper is fortunate enough to be apart of his Contender list of doers! Justin and I shared a phone call a few weeks back with the podcast being live July 9,2018.  I sent Justin some Gnarly Pepper samples, in which he was a huge fan! Gnarly Pepper would love to grow in the Georgia/ Florida area — with any shares, store requests and more — it is all greatly appreciated! You my friend, are Gnarly!

Listen in via iTunes or the audio link above!

Special shout outs to:  Sioux City Innovation Market, Sioux City Growth Organization, Siouxland Chamber of Commerce, Venture School, WITCC, Swimming with the Sharks of Briar Cliff, John EngelTur-Pak Foods INC. 

Also, the Phoebe ‘Pepper People‘ reference (haha!):