Dream Big Grow Here process:

  1. I received an email suggesting that I apply for the Dream Big Grow Here competition. After reading through the guidelines I decided to participate and apply.
  2. The application was a basis of Gnarly Pepper as a whole, along with a video submission.
  3. The competition is based on votes. Therefore, I decided to come up with the ’12 days’ of voting! Here are a few examples of the videos shared:
  4. Gnarly Pepper didn’t receive top 3 in the voting realm, but….
  5. After being a committee selection pick, Gnarly Pepper had a few plans change as far as location and final ‘set up’.
  6. This had led to a conversation with the committee in deciding that Gnarly Pepper forfeits its spot and allows another group to fill in.
  7. SnSLabz filled Gnarly Pepper’s spot: Article here: Teens named Dream Big Contest Finalists
  8. Gnarly Pepper attended the event, set up a pop-up shop with samples and cheers the 5 contests on!

The Heartland has a lot going on, much more than either coast could probably begin to realize. I’m so proud to be a part of Siouxland and in the near future, Central Iowa. The time it takes to go through a competition, let alone run a business is quite a lot! When groups and organizations are able to recognize and reward the entrepreneurs, it means so much more than the money at stake, it’s the support. Thanks all!

Dip on!

-Sara G.