Being in California for the last few months has been quite the experience. These type of experiences never happen without some effort. Both the Yahoo! Finance video and the WhatsUP Silicon Valley Pitch Tank 3.0 event took hours of thought out processes.  Being in the mind set that any help critical or helpful are always beneficial.  Such as, a gentleman named, Nathan Gold “The Demo Coach”, offered up his expert time for us pitchers — but WE had to schedule and seek the help. I’m so happy I set up a meeting with Mr. Gold, for speaking in front of 200+ people can be scary.  Knowing a product inside and out has its drawbacks because you can become married to it and the terminology.  Having pitched my original demo to Mr. Gold, he said it was okay, but I’m missing my WHY — holy CRAP! That’s quite the mistake!! Could you imagine going on stage and feeling good about your minute and everyone in the crowd is like ahhhhh, “So what are her blends good for?” EKKKKK.

Nathan Gold, might have came to me with time, but I seeked the opportunity to use his knowledge, help and skill.  I did a 1 hour turn around with a follow up phone call and did a phenomenal job (as he said, haha).

I can’t express it enough that if something spikes your interest on Facebook, in conversation, in an e-mail blast from groups you follow… if there is EVER an opportunity to speak about your business — DO IT!

Another example, my professor through Venture School, John Engel, sent an email to me about submitting a short video to Yahoo! Finance’s Elevator Pitch. I watched the examples provided, I created a video within 2 days (short notice deadline) and prayed it would work out, but didn’t really think anything would come from it, I mean.. it’s Yahoo!. I left a note on my calendar for a few weeks later, to check in to the email submission and see if they have received everything okay.  A few days later, a reply came through and more questions and emails were exchanged for FINALIZING details! It got picked!! A simple shared email, turned video time, turned send it off = live video via Yahoo! Finance. Prime example, you just NEVER know!  I won’t say exactly how many ‘selfie videos’ were taken, but I was nervous, and I was hard on myself and I did have a fear of failure, but if you don’t try — you will never know!

As these opportunities and experiences keep happening, I will keep sharing!

Here is the link to the Sioux City Journal article. 

Shout out to my mom for waking me up CA time with this photo below: