Many neat things have been happening lately for Gnarly Pepper. Many in the realm of winning idea competitions in the area, but also media outlets reaching out.  Earl of the Sioux City Journal contacted me and wanted to do a write up on Gnarly Pepper.  I spent a few days trying to decide what to cook, what to say, what to wear — at the end of the day, I decided to just be me.

The conversation was great — it never felt like I was truly being interviewed.  We chatted out role models, experience and why? why Gnarly Pepper? Throughout my process I never really questioned why — Earl had also asked me, what would you have told Sara five years ago?  That too, I wasn’t sure.  Though these questions are great, I had no idea how to really answer them because timing and the idea just felt right in my heart.

Here is the full Sioux City Journal read.  Enjoy!

Cheers! x