At the Z+S household • 9 out of 10 breakfast recipes incorporate Gnarly Pepper. Whether it’s the seasoning itself with the eggs or a dollop of the dip at the end, or a spread for a proper fresh everything bagel — It’s being USED! We have recently developed a love for ARUGULA!!! Therefore, we’re showing you a super easy, quick recipe to add the bitter little bed of awesomeness to your morning eggs. 

Yield: 2

• 5 eggs
• salt and pepper
• 2 tsp of Veggie dip blend
• 1/2 cup of Plain greek yogurt
• 6-8 Sun dried tomatoes
• 2 big fluffy handfuls of Arugula

  1. In a small bowl, combine Gnarly Pepper Veggie Dip Blend (2tsp) and Plain greek yogurt (1/2 cup) = dip.
  2. Place medium pan on stove top at medium/high heat – crack in 5 eggs
  3. Salt and pepper the eggs, lightly scramble them, Turn heat down to medium/low.
  4. Add in 1/4 Gnarly Pepper Veggie Dip – continue to scramble, add in sun dried tomatoes.
  5. Turn heat down to low – add in 1 big handful of Arugula, fold into egg scramble (it wilts fast).
  6. Add in the rest of of your Arugula (leave a little bit to top if you wish).
  7. Plate up scramble on two plates (maybe 1, all to yourself ) – Split the leftover 1/4cup of Veggie Dip blend.

CAUTION: Scrambled eggs are super easy, but with adding in plain greek yogurt they can become ‘piecey’ if you’re not careful with the heat.

NOTES: The Gnarly Pepper Veggie Dip Blend could easily be replaced with the Gnarly Pepper Onion Dip instead.