Being a Siouxland Chamber is a wonderful benefit for business. With their 101’s, socials and events — you’re able to network with a wide stream of businesses, not just a niche market. One of the added benefits of being a Chamber Member? 2 FREE BLOG POSTS!

Here is the blog post of Gnarly Pepper and our LLC holder, LOVOTO. Both business are owned by myself, Sara Gotch.  I’m excited to announce the shift from LOVOTO Digital Scrapbooking to LOVOTO Creative Design, focusing more on marketing, advertising and websites.  Being your own boss has many perks, like I’m writing this quick blog at my kitchen table, in Santa Clara, CA and about to take the trash out with a load of laundry going. Haha. Chores while working… ahhhh the good life! But in all seriousness, it does free up the evenings and I wouldn’t change a thing.

INSIGHT: For anyone wondering about being a Chamber Member, I highly recommend it. There is something about being a part of an adult fraternity/sorority that pulls the community together without living under the same roof. (Side note: I was never apart of a sorority so I’m unable to do that secret handshake when we meet).  Opinions are shared, but the overall goal is to make Siouxland an even BETTER place to live year after year. You might be thinking, well Sara… you’re living in Santa Clara, CA right now, wtf? As this is true, my heart roots for Sioux City on a daily basis. I feel there is so much potential in Sioux City, IA. The ideas need to be shared, the people in charge need to listen and do the work to make the city thrive. From what I’m seeing throughout the different cities I have been to, there are certain trends that many take and are successful. I feel that Sioux City hesitates on going out on a limb with those ideas. Whether a business, a city, or a person — failure is the start of great success. Let’s give any and all ideas a whirl and see where we land as a community!

-Sara G
Owner of LOVOTO LLC & Gnarly Pepper®