Meet Matt, a summer 2019 Gnarly Pepper employee. Once I hired Matt I knew it was a win-win situation. I received a text from him a day before his first day of work asking what he should wear. My reply was a hat and either a tie dye shirt or a solid color. In which he showed up in tie dye. I complimented his lovely tie dye shirt and he replied, ‘Thanks, I dyed it myself.’

Beings that Gnarly Pepper is a startup , I wanted to return the favor to Matt in helping him boost his potential business. I had purchased a plain white, flowy dress from Fizz & Frolics at Newbo City Market and had planned on wearing it to my bachelorette party. Once I learned that Matt creates tie dye…anything… I had him tie dye my dress and it turned out beautiful!

Since Matt is a pro at this tie dye thing, I decided it was time for some Gnarly Pepper merch, and who none-other than my own employee to finish out the job! A month or so in, we hammered out the details and I let Matt have free range on design with a variety of t-shirts! We purchased half of our shirts (female cut, VERY soft) from Fizz & Frolics. They turned out fabulous!

Please continue to support small business!

Matt is super talented and has continued his tie dye journey for Fizz & Frolic with a few of their dresses! These shirts are one-of-a-kind. Stop in to Gnarly Pepper and purchase yours soon! You’ll not only be supporting Matt, but Gnarly Pepper 🙂 Thanks Matt!!

Please follow Matt on Instagram @mattski_tiedye.