A wonderful opportunity rose a few months back for me to send samples and information to a  group of top women producers of NYC. My samples/sponsorship gained Gnarly Pepper attraction for b. michelle pippin’s Sponsor Saturday!
Gnarly Pepper being alongside; ReadyPac, Moon Cheese, Boss Foods, Larissa’s Kitchen, The Allergy Chef and Slawsa.

Full Sponsor Saturday write up here!

B. Michelle Pippin is the founder of Women Who WOW; an online community of seriously driven women entrepreneurs! She hosts many events throughout the year, and provides detailed information on helping women entrepreneurs become and continue to be their best. B. Michelle has been featured on multiple big name networks include: Forbes, Good Morning America, Main ST, Wavy.com and more!

Thank you Randi & Michelle for tasting, posting and sharing the Gnarly Gospel.

Dip on!