Zach and I were LITERALLY just talking this morning on our Santa Clara, CA route — That I get down on myself too easily and make life harder for myself  because I constantly roll things through my brain; I think I NEED ‘to try a different approach’ and ‘certainly add more blend flavors’ — but he reminded me: IT’S ONLY BEEN A YEAR!

The highs and lows of entrepreneurship start with decisions WE need to make that’s best for OUR company, and though I want to do 1,000,000 things at a time — it’s not possible. But what IS possible, is to THANK ALL OF YOU who have supported Gnarly Pepper and beyond that, THANK YOU INFLUENCERS; the people that share, gift, talk, & preach Gnarly Pepper’s awesomeness.

January 25th, 2016 — Put my 2 weeks in with my employer. This was a very VERY hard thing to do for I loved my position and the people I worked with were like family (still are). I was clocking out in my mind and heading into work wasn’t the same for some reason…My heart strings were being tugged so I listened.  I took the leap of faith.

January 25th, 2017 — Launched on Facebook. I say in the video that I’m nervous to launch, which I had every right to be, because when I launched I did have a spelling error on the first page of the website. GASP! I felt silly, I couldn’t delete the post to fix it, and I felt as though I let myself down looking foolish by NOT proof reading. Over this past year, I have sense gave 2 hoots about the itty bitty tiny mistakes that I’m bound to make. I do give a hoot, just not 2. Spelling has never been my strong suit — my strong suit is getting shit done. 11 Historical Figures Who Were Really Bad At Spelling < if you think I’m putting myself in line with these brilliant people, you’re mistaken – Although, I have let my mind be held back by this fear. NO LONGER!!! (As for the bottle of wine, I understand 14 Hands wine isn’t $89.99+ a bottle — That bottle was special to me because my brother personalized it for my birthday — Another NOTE: I’m not 27 in the video… I’m 29…Making a point that in just 2 years your life can change…for the better!)

January 25th, 2018 — Hitting up a possible life changing Mixer with Silicon Valley Young Professionals.

January 25th, 2019 — In 8 major chain grocery stores < well, that’s what my vision board says…