Sara, a Sioux City Growth Organization member for 10 years and Gnarly Pepper owner, sat down with Innovation Market Chair, SCGO board member and Food for Thought interviewer at Siouxland KWIT , Adrian.


Here is a list of items we touched on:

1.  Product Overview
• Started 2017 out with Large Pouches
• Now have Tear Packets!

2. Just Pumpin’ — Travel Style
• Spreading the ‘gnarly gospel’ on the East Coast (Stores in New Hampshire)
• On to Santa Clara, CA — Bay Area!

3. Innovation Market
• Gnarly Pepper winner of 2017
• Insights on how IM can really help you get a nice start

4. New Years Resolutions!
• cut the calories you don’t realize you’re eating by switching to the healthier option
• Don’t neglect yourself from flavors you love — just switch to the healthier option

5. RANCH!!!!
• All three flavors combined (veggie dip, onion dip & like mayo) mimic a ranch flavor!
• Check out this ‘Granch’ Buffalo Chicken Dip

6. Chicken Salad…isn’t a salad
Many try to sub plain greek yogurt for mayonnaise but many times they feel like ‘it is missing something’… Gnarly Pepper Like Mayo IS that something!
• Like Mayo can save one 1,200 calories per cup. Once you get all your salad ingredients in, you’d never know the difference!

7. West Coast
• When you’re in a new area, you have to take advantage of your resources.
• Looking for shops in California if you know of any!

8. Branding
• Gnarly Pepper should sell itself because it Tastes GREAT! But its hard to get a sample to everyone.
• Hard to educate and execute.
– the use of it, you have to mix with plain greek yogurt
– the veggie dip and onion dip versatility
– use it as an everyday salty/savory item!

9. Speaking at the Innovation Market
• Sara will be sharing the entrepreneurial journey of Gnarly Pepper
Join the event / submit an idea!

All in all, to those who think greek yogurt is EW — Gnarly Pepper creates less of the EW — Ha! What a Gnarly Time indeed, thanks Adrian!

Hope you enjoyed the listen/recap. Many thanks for your support! Cheers!
xx Sara