Cheers to Siouxland Hy-Vee’s! Being a part of a retail operation was a goal of mine when I set out to produce healthy blends for people.  I wanted my products to be conveniently available for my customers, and what better way to do that than to have it available at their local grocery store!

I first set out to my hometown, South Sioux City, NE, to speak with the store manager and get the ball rolling.  With the big Super Bowl right around the corner I desperately wanted to get on the shelf before then, but understood there was a chance of, ahhh Sara, no.

Tim of South Sioux Hy-Vee took a leap on Gnarly Pepper with an agreed Sample Demo Saturday before Super Bowl Sunday, and we sold pouches… quite a few pouches! With the proof of sales, I continued my customer convenient desires by chatting with Sioux City, IA Hy-Vee Health Market managers.  Again, a friendly response and away we went into Hamilton, Gordon Drive & Singing Hills!  With restocks in the local market I couldn’t be more excited for Gnarly Pepper’s future!  With continued growth goals in our future, that goal is mainly achieved by a companies influencers.

I want to thank all of you who have believed in Gnarly Pepper, see its wonderful benefits, purchase and continue to ‘spread’ the word.  We want to continue promoting healthy habits one dip at a time. Dip on you Gnarly Diamonds.

Sara G.
(Founder of Gnarly Pepper)