Did you know… you could actually consume 7 1/2 (32oz)  Chobani non-fat plain greek yogurt tubs and meet the SAME calorie intake as ONE (20oz) bottle of real Mayonnaise!!!??  Hence the mission for Gnarly Pepper Like Mayo Blend!

I enjoy a good chicken salad from time-to-time along side a summer potato salad…but when you realize HOW much you’re using verses HOW many calories per serving…GASP!  Regular Mayonnaise takes the cake in being the worst condiment ever known to (wo)man.

“But it tastes so good!”  Of course it does! That is why Gnarly Pepper set out to find the perfect formulation to be mixed with plain greek yogurt to create a well rounded mayonnaise for sandwiches and also a tasty base for many chicken, tuna, potato salads!